Untitled-1 Ircania Stylianou

Ircania Stylianou is the Director of Dual Language Programs for the Division of English Language Learners and Student Support (DELLSS) at the New York City Department of Education serving over 140,000 English language learners throughout the five boroughs.

Ms. Stylianou has 20 years of experience serving the Department of Education in various roles such as an Assistant Principal, Bilingual/Literacy Coach, Bilingual teacher, and Bilingual Pupil Services (BPS) paraprofessional in District 24 in Queens, New York.

Ms. Stylianou graduated from York College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Bilingual Education. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Elementary Bilingual Education from St. John’s University, and a second Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision of Schools from Touro College.

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