Kids’ Activities 2016

Free childcare with activities for kids all days (9am to 5pm) in Spanish and German &! While you will be visiting the fair, your children will have fun with animated readings, singings, art & crafts, puppet making & puppet shows …. and clown shows!


Activities in German


supported by ‘Gally Theater’

Singing and …. laughing while learning German with Galli’s Clown Jimmy

(10:30am / 11am)


supported by ‘Rella’s Music Class’

In this 20 Minute Kinderklasse your child will learn a German Welcome Song, count to 20, and engage in fun rhyming verses. We will also look at the German Alphabet I will play and sing an traditional Fall song. To finish, we will read a book and if there are elementary school kids present, they can help us read to the toddlers. Come and see how fast your child (and you!) are able to learn German in just 20 Minutes!


Activities in Spanish


Supported by ‘La Escuelita’

Mariang Valdes will be singing and performing music in Spanish for children

(10am / 11:30am)

Activities in French


Supported by ‘La Petite Ecole’

Assemblage is a crossover of free drawing and block building. Children explore materials beyond their primary function and access their imagination to invent new meaning and experience through problem solving the boundaries of their creativity.

(2:30pm / 3:30pm)